THE_OpeNiNG!! The (OnLY!!) Guaranteed & ABSOLUTE RemedyVaccineCURE of ‘CoroNO-Virus!!’

All Praise TRULY BE & IS to ALLAH (swt), THE LORD of THE WORLDS!!!

A Snapshot of The GroWth & LearNing that WE, as a Family, have been Blessed to experience over these past (otherwise!!) UnNatural, UnWanted, unFair & ABSOLUTELY UnJUST 4 Months of (almost!!) enForced, iMpoSed Period of TOXIC SelF_Seclusion+Social_Distancing which has almost brought ALL of HUMANITY in Existence on ALLAH’s (swt) Beautiful Creation; i.e. Planet EARTH, to Collectively & Unanimously agree to DeFiNe ‘these Times’ as representing & more critically, “FEEL” like the “Death of LiVinG!!”…….while attempting to do the very Same thing as per the intentionally, ‘SINGULAR (!)’ Misleading & FALSE “BeST Info _+_& Advise” being Communicated on the Topic /& Cause of Concern.

However, by the Compassion and Mercy of ALLAH (swt), WE……. i.e. Azeemah (OuR Beloved Daughter, Alhamdulilla’h☝🏽) _+ Zahrah (my BleSSed Beautiful Wifey!! Subha’nAllah☝🏽)_+ uRs TruLY (i.e. Me!👉🏽😎👊🏽😁👍🏽),….. instead decided to still Consider, Count & LIVE the Blessings of LiFe_+=LIVING to the Best of Possibilities within the enforced Confinement!!

HOW, if you AsK(!!)……. TRUTH be Told, WE “SimPLY!! (as is ALWAYS the Identity with/of ‘ThaT which is TRUE!!, Masha’Allah ☝🏽) maximised THE TIME available to spend it WITH Each & ALL of US; be it in the ForM of Drawing Lessons on the ChalkBoard…CiTY PlaNNing wth LeGos….“Naming Games”involving Fruits_+Veggies_+Animal Kingdoms…FooTie LeSSons @RooFtop &_oR reciting & Memorizing a Sura or 2 while saying GoodNite or during Prayers…..etc..etc……etc…


This Upload Captures one of such MoMents, as highlighted/mwntioned Above!!! Consider it to be an Honest, Humble & Sincere attempt by Each_Us_ALL-3 to try & LeSSen some of the DeeP & Despairing Sense of utter, Hapless & almost unabearable Pains_+_ Pangs of Conscientious Strife that ALL Humans alive with a SOUL @ this Very Moment are “LiVinG” through in Each_+EveRY1_+ LIFE(s!)”….. ALL Diverted_Confused_Misdrected & Misled & COLLECTVELY, as Human Race; forgotten To Define_Recall_Remember_Identify_ THE (& OnLY!!👉🏽) MEANING of LIFE.

May The Most Merciful Bless Each of You & Guide Each of Us&ALL onto The Straight Path & May The Aster of The Day of Judgement have Mercy on OuR (ALL of Humanity’s!) SOUL @ The Day of Reckoning; A Day about which there is NO Doubt.☝🏽

Peace Be Upon ALL, frm The KhanKlan…..Dhaka, Bangladesh.