LunchTimeTalks partnered with Footie Prints(AD)

we here at lunchtimetalks podcast have partnered up with footieprints together helping each other out
these are the guys who created our amazing logo

who are footie prints : footie prints are a company that supply great posters of all your favourite football stars , also including managers and they’ve even made posters of the latest trainers

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This is a podcast where two lads in there early 20s ( tales & Dylan ) chat about the crazy world we live in with added podcasts based around our passion for streetwear( fashion ) & football ,special guest will be coming in and out The meaning behind lunchtime talks : when growing up and to be fair still to this day the best convos are during lunch/break time maybe at school or work . For some reason debates , hot takes are so much better during these periods But don’t expect us to be serious all the time , expect jokes , laughter and crazy hot takes

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