How to Put On and Fold Socks With A Broken Arm: Life With A Cast (Broken Arm) Episode 13

How to fold and put on your socks with a broken arm. It’s easier than you think!

Watch it here:

I found it difficult at first trying to tug my socks on with them getting stuck on my toes etc, until I figured out a new way that you’ll discover inside the video!

For the moment my channel is video tutorials about how to live life well with your broken arm. Check back soon because I will be uploading videos about personal style, beauty, and confidence as I am a personal style coach.

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Here is one more video about how another person folded socks with one hand

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How did I get a broken arm?

I decided to take up snowboarding and on my fifth time I caught the edge of my board, fell backwards and broke my arm. Well more specifically, I broke my wrist, which is apparently a common injury for beginner snowboarders. Good to know I’m just average like everybody else right?

I am making this life with a cast playlist to show you things to do with your broken arm/broken wrist, and how your broken arm doesn’t need to disrupt your life all that much if you don’t let it.

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How to fold socks with your broken arm: