HANGERWORLD – 8 Peg Plastic Sock & Underwear Dryer

HANGERWORLD – 8 Peg Plastic Sock & Underwear Dryer

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Space saving 8 peg turquoise plastic hanger from Hangerworld.
Strong grippy pegs making this fantastic for hanging all your small laundry items together and for general use in the house.
Ideal for drying socks, underwear, baby clothes, vests and other small items.
Great for keeping gloves, scarves & hats together.
Rotating swivel hook for hanging flat on the back of a door, wall or cupboard hook.
Useful in the bathroom for airing flannels, towels etc.
Central slot for adding more hangers below where space is limited.
For use indoors and outdoors. Easily hang out and bring in from the garden your small laundry items in one go when it starts raining!
Perfect for caravanning, camping and travelling too.

Size: Width 40cm (16″) x Height 16cm (6.5″) approx.

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