Foxglove Knitted Legwarmers – How To Knit Dragonfly Stitch Leg Warmers- Knitcrate Projects (click on SHOW MORE for all the info)
The Foxglove (Dragonfly) legwrmerds are unique and elegant. You can make this original design with the instructions below.
This project was made with wonderful Knitcrate Yarn.
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Foxglove Legwarmers
Multiple of 9 for leg (pattern)
Multiple of 4 for ribbing.
DK Yarn
Number 7 US circular needles
Large: 100 stitches for the ribbing, 99 stitches for the leg (pattern).
Medium: 80 stitches for the ribbing, 81stitches for the leg (pattern).
Small: 60 stitches for the ribbing, 63 stitches for the leg (pattern).
(k,yo,k)= on the same stitch, knit, yarn over around the needle and knit)
slip7= slip 7 stitches to the right needle purlwise.
cn=cable needle
sl2cnb= slide 2 stitches into cable needle and place them in the back of your work.
sl3cnf= slide 3 stitches into cable needle and place it in the front of your work.
k3tog=knit 3 stitches together.
Repeat from * to *
Cast on 100 stitches. (Multiple of 4 for knit2, purl2 ribbing)
Make 12 rounds of knit 2, purl 2 ribbing.
Round 1.- *k2, (k,yo,k), k1, (k,yo,k) k2, p2*
Round 2.- *k2, slip 7 with yarn in back, k2, p2*
Round 3.- * sl2cnb, k3tog, k2 from cn, k1, sl3cnf, k2, k3tog from cn, p2*
Round 4.- *k3, slide 1 with yarn in back, k3, p2*
Repeat these 4 rows, 25 times or until little yarn left.
Make 6 rows of ribbing and a regular bind off.
Make 2.

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