Easy custom colored armsocks as alternative to bodypaint for cosplay

A video on how I made my custom colored armsocks (and tights) for my upcoming cosplay of Devos from World of Warcraft. Custom colored armsocks are a great alternative to bodypaint as it’s easy to put on, easy to customize, reusable, and does not stain or rub off.
You can use this method if we love colors does not have matching colored options, or simply too expensive to order (both issues I had).

I used cheap white 180D tights (2x, one for actually wearing them as tights, one for the arms), and synthetic fabric dye (iDye Poly or Ritdye, ritdye is easier to mix different colors). For a light color, and thin tights that may melt on stovetop dye, only use a bit of dye and dip and stir it for a few seconds and use a test swatch first with any random white synthetic fabric. Tights with atleast 80D are opaque enough for a good effect. To wear it as a crop top, I cut a hole in the crotch and zigzag stitched it on my sewing machine to prevent it from tearing out.
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Music: Views – Ikson

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