American Apparel – Stripe Thigh High Socks Try On & Review

I try on and review American Apparel Stripe Thigh High Socks. I bought these socks in 2012, & they are my favorites! I’m disappointed they no longer have solid colors. So, I just purchased the striped version, a few weeks ago. They stay up well, & are extra long, coming up to just below my butt. I like that they don’t have a tight band at top, yet the material is tight enough that they just stay up on their own. They come all the way up to my butt, which makes them nice to wear with skirts and dresses. They are great for people who have skinny thighs, and their stockings fall down a lot. If you have thicker legs, it’s possible the material might be uncomfortably tight, and they might not come up as high. I wear a lot of thigh high socks, and these are my absolute favorite. I highly recommend them. The bra I’m wearing is from Victoria’s Secret.

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