10 Menswear Gimmicks You Don't Need

10 Menswear Gimmicks You Don't Need

Check out these gimmicks you need to stay away from!

1. Knit Tie in Chartreuse Green Silk –
2. Pocket Square in White Irish Linen –
3. Violet Marguerite Silk Boutonniere –
4. Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Malachite Balls –
5. Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Dark Navy Blue and Royal Blue –

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00:00 Introduction

Now if you know the Gentleman’s Gazette, you know that we like classic things but that doesn’t mean that we’re against any form of innovation. There has been some great innovation in terms of fabric technologies and we embrace that and think it’s a good thing. At the same time, there are lots of gimmicks out there that just cost a lot of money and they’re more like a band-aid, not really fixing a problem.

0l:05 1. Pouch Style Underwear
You may have heard of Saxx underwear that comes with mesh sides or sheath that has an entire pouch and it’s underwear that’s meant to keep you more comfortable and less sticky down there. We actually tried the pouch underwear and we had one pair with a pouch and we cut out the pouch on the other pair simply to try it out and figure it out if there was a huge difference. In my experience, there really isn’t.

02:35 2. Sock Suspenders
Don’t let anyone tell you that sock suspenders are actually fixing a problem. If you have proper over the calf socks in the first place, there is ZERO need for sock suspenders.

03:48 3. Sock Tapes/Glue
Sticky tape that you glue onto your skin and the socks so you don’t see it unlike the sock suspenders unless you take off the socks then you have some sticky tape there that you need to rip off along with the hairs and that must be extremely uncomfortable.

04:40 4. Shirt Collar Products
Now the problem many men have is that the tip of the shirt collar points up or it curls at the very end and so there are multiple solutions on the market to fix that. It ranges from glue products that supposedly don’t leave any residue behind and includes products with magnets and most of them don’t work.

06:45 5. Shirts Stays
Now those are little devices that are similar to suspenders that you clip at the bottom tail of your shirt and on the top part of your sock so they’re connected. Yes, they do the job, they keep your shirt tucked in, and they keep your socks up, but it’s extremely uncomfortable to wear.

07:33 6. Sleeve garters
The sleeve garter would help you to pull up that shirt sleeve so it wouldn’t hang down and get soiled. Sometimes as you watch old movies or photos, you can see men wearing them when they have their jackets removed.

08:38 7. Tie Holders
If you have ties that are made of printed silk and very slim, they are likely to slip down more on the knot than let’s say a knit tie or a grenadine tie simply because there’s less friction because there’s less texture.

09:55 8. Shirt Iron
The idea is it’s a little travel iron that you can bring along and that is specifically meant for your shirt collar. Now it’s true the shirt collar is one of those things that are immediately visible but if you need to iron your shirt collar, you also likely have to iron at least the front of your shirt if you wear a jacket so it looks neat. So my question is, why is it worth carrying around an extra weight just for your shirt collar if most hotels and Airbnbs offer an iron, I simply don’t know the answer to that.

10:58 9. Laundry Detergents and Soaps for Men
I get it, the more specific you can target a customer the better it is, that being said, the difference in laundry detergent for men or for men’s clothing is usually just the fragrance. So at the end of the day, the soap is no more or less effective for your men’s clothing, it just has a different scent.

12:02 10. Pocket Square Holder
Now I get it, most pocket squares out there are too small to actually stay in your pocket and over the course of the day, it will slide down. The issue here is that the manufacturer cuts them so small because that way, they get the most yield out of the fabric width.
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